The University Center for Medical Simulation (UCMS) is provided for improving the safety of medical process and that of a patient by application of modern teaching methods and medical practices based on simulation. These factors allow obtaining proper medical competences and skills, in an organized way, according to a well-structured program and, what is not less important, without any risk for patients, reducing the number of errors and, finally, improving the quality of medical care provided to the population.

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The UCMS was inaugurated on the 29-th of August 2013 and is a subdivision of the Public Institution University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”. It has been founded in full accordance with the Program of Development of medical and Pharmaceutical Education in the Republic of Moldova for 2011-2020, with the financial support of the European Union, with the aim of creating a common European educational space and ensuring quality of training and modern medical practices.
The curriculum programs provide courses at all levels of continuing training of medical specialists and paramedics, where you can get: skills of communication with patients, the basic practical medical and surgical skills, advanced individual dexterity, ability to communicate and work in team, leadership abilities, knowledge of resource and crises management.
Training in the UCMS is provided at the Department of Simulation Training and the Department of Standard Patients and Communication on the basis of curricula programs and extra-curricular courses arranged in several modules:
• Programs for Medical Maneuvers and basic surgical techniques,
• Programs for Internal Medicine,
• Programs for Standard Patients and Communication,
• Programs for Surgery,
• Programs for Anesthesiology and Intensive care,
• Programs for Emergency Medicine,
• Programs for Mother and Child,
• Programs for Endoscopy,
• Programs for Medical Imaging.
Medical students, residents and clinical inters, physicians attending courses in continuing training, researchers, nurses, medical assistants, midwives, specialists with training in emergency medical care in pre-hospital stage – paramedics, officers of Service for Civil Protection and Emergency Situations, members of rescue teams, policemen, military men, officers of special assignment services and security, firemen, public transport conductors (surface, water, air), car drivers and citizens have the right to be trained at the UCMS.

Undoubtedly, the UCMS will become one of the most advanced centers in Eastern Europe, according to the proposed range of services in the field of medical training and sophisticated scientific and training equipment.

Address: Str. 31 August 1989, 137 A,
MD-2012, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova
Tel.: 022 205-629
Fax: 022 205-626
E-mail: cusim@old.usmf.md
Web: www.cusim.md